About Alison

Artist Alison EgittoHello! I’m Alison- the artist behind Alison Creates and The Artful Mom Blog.

I create colorful, happy art using watercolor and gouache, or procreate. I also love writing about how I incorporate art into my everyday home and parenting!

I was born in New York City, the youngest of five children. I spent my childhood hiding in closets or up in trees drawing pictures and reading books (and occasionally getting myself hurt on the way down).

I now live in New Jersey with my Chef husband and our two children. I am having a lot of fun as a preschool teacher, and especially love searching for children’s books to share with my students. I also went to school for art, and love the opportunity for creativity that teaching provides! 

I love to travel, and dream of one day living in another country (or countries). I love exploring new places, trying new foods, and finding inspiration in unlikely places!

I love learning, and am pretty much in some kind of class or workshop at all times. I am a proud SCBWI member!
I have also taken many Make Art That Sells classes, including ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’, which is my passion. I am working on a picture book dummy now, and dream of illustrating books for other writers, as well as for myself.
Would you like to work with me? Awesome! Email me at alison @ alisoncreates.com (no spaces)